Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the novel Lost Horizon, written by James Hilton in 1933.

In his novel, Hilton talked about an enclosed place where one could behold beautiful landscapes, and time had almost stopped. An environment of peace and quiet, a sort of spiritual Eden that became a myth for dreamers, adventurers and explorers in search of this lost paradise. Today, Shangri-La can be found in Barcelona.

Shangri-La offers an atmosphere that is exotic and avant-garde, full of comfort to make your experience unique. Discover a new concept of pleasure, breaking taboos and leaving stress and monotony behind. Our sessions are aimed both at couples and at those wanting to find out more about Tantra on their own, or in need of some time for taking care of their body and mind.

Let yourself be delighted in our temple of pleasure and wellbeing. The most professional hands will caress all your senses.

We will guide you towards pure ecstasy!

In our exclusive Barcelona Tantra Massage Centre you will know the wonderful world of Tantra. We combine ancient Eastern traditions with Western standards.

We work to offer you a broad range of services, always adapting ourselves to your needs and demands. We will provide you with a discreet, close and personalized service, taking care of every detail to offer you maximum comfort, so you can come to relax and enjoy some time for yourself at any time of the day and regain the sensations lost in your daily routine. A real luxury for your body and mind!

After enjoying any of our treatments or massages, finish your experience in our spa area, where you can sink into a relaxing bath while tasting a glass of our broad and exclusive selection.